Cleaning Specifications

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Cleaning Specifications for your business

Vinyl - Sweep thoroughly, damp mop spillages and spray burnish using rotary machine.

Carpets - Vacuum sweep and hand brush edges and corners.

Cork - Sweep thoroughly and damp mop spillages and spray burnish using rotary machine.

Wood - Sweep thoroughly, damp mop spillages and sponge burnish using rotary machine.
Hand clean edges and corners.
Terrazzo - Sweep thoroughly, damp mop spillages and spray burnish using rotary machine.
Hand clean edges and corners.
Concrete (sealed and unsealed) - Sweep thoroughly, damp mop. Dry burnish using rotary machine and machine scrub.
Stairs and Landings
Range - Sweep thoroughly and damp mop. Hand scrub paying particular attention to risers.
Apply one coat of metalised emulsion polish.
Carpet - Vacuum sweep and hand sweep.
Wood - Sweep thoroughly, damp mop spillages. Spray burnish clean edges and corners.
Quarry Tile - Sweep thoroughly and damp mop spillages. Hand clean edges and corners.
Metse - Sweep thoroughly and mop spillages.
Concrete (sealed and unsealed) - Sweep thoroughly and damp mop spillages.
Balustrades - Dust and damp wipe or polish depending on surface.
Kitchen Area
Wash up.
Fridge - Damp wipe outside with disinfectant cleanser. Every six months - damp wipe inside.
Microwave - Damp wipe outside and inside with disinfectant cleanser.
Hob - Damp wipe with disinfectant cleanser.
Sink - Scour thoroughly paying particular attention to interior and exterior surfaces.
Taps - clean and dry buff.
Furniture fixings and fittings
Desks - Dust, paying particular attention to areas under the telephone and trays. Polish.
Telephones - Dust. Damp wipe and polish paying particular attention to handset.
Waste Bins - Empty. Wash inside and out.
Chairs - Dust and vacuum upholstery.
Tables - Dust or damp wipe depending on the surface.
Filing Cabinets - Dust. Damp wipe to remove finger marks from the drawers and polish.
Bookcases and Cabinets - Dust, polish and remove finger marks from the glass inserts.
Doors - Dust and remove finger marks. Polish glass inserts.
Skirting and Sills - Dust and damp wipe.
Sanitary Accommodation
Hand basins - Scour thoroughly paying particular attention to interior and exterior surfaces.
Urinals and toilet Bowls - Scour thoroughly particular attention to interior and exterior surfaces.
Cisterns - Damp wipe with disinfectant cleanser paying particular attention to handles.
Toilet seats - Damp wipe with disinfectant cleanser and polish.
Shower - Scour thoroughly and disinfect paying particular attention to walls.
Taps - Clean and dry buff.
Mirrors - Clean and polish.
Hand Dryer - Damp wipe.
Towel Machine - Damp wipe.
General pipe work - Damp wipe.
Sills/Ledges - Dust or Damp wipe depending on surface.
Cubicles and Doors - Damp wipe handles and surrounding areas with disinfected cleanser.
Damp wipe partitions.
Tiled Walls - Damp wipe, underneath hand basins, urinals, and hand drying facilities. Every six months - Damp wipe all wall areas to arms reach (6ft.)

Cleaning Specifications for your home

All our staff are reliable and honest, insured and uniformed.
N&P cleaning Agency provide their own materials and equipment.
N&P Cleaning Agency provide their own transport for the cleaners.
N&P Cleaning agency normally work 7 days a week.
You can specify the day the cleaner comes to your house, but don’t forget everyone wants a cleaner on friday!
N&P Cleaning work on a weekly basis.
The minimum time per visit is 2 hours.
You don’t need to do anything before the cleaning.
You will have the same cleaner every week.
Payment is made on the day the cleaning is done. We accept cash or cheques made payable to N&P Cleaning Agency. Most of our customers leave payment on the kitchen table or work surface.
If you make your payment at each visit you are under no contract.

Domestic Cleaning Specifications

Entrance Area
Clean Door
Wash Windows
Wipe Window Ledges
Clean Skirting Boards
Polish Brass
Wipe Radiators
Vacuum Carpets
Wash Floor
Living Room
Clean Door
Clean Skirting Boards
Wipe Window Ledges
Clean Pictures
Clean Mirrors
Clean Fireplace
Clean tables
Dust Chairs
Vacuum three Piece suite
Polish Brass/Sliver
Vacuum Carpets
Wash Floor
Empty Rubbish
Clean Pictures
Clean Skirting Boards
Polish Handrails
Vacuum Carpet
Wash Floor
Clean door
Clean skirting boards
Wash windows
Wash window ledge
Wipe radiators
Clean sink
Clean bath
Clean shower
Clean mirror
Clean taps
Clean tiles
Clean surfaces
Vacuum floor
Wash floor
Wash toilet
Wipe bin
Empty rubbish
Clean door
Clean skirting boards
Wash windows
Wash window ledge
Wipe radiators
Clean mirror
Clean pictures
Make beds
Change sheets
Dust surfaces
Dust cupboards
Polish brass/silver
Vacuum carpet
Wash floor
Dining Room
Clean Door
Clean Skirting Boards
Wash Windows
Wipe Window Ledges
Wipe Radiators
Clean Pictures
Clean Mirrors
Clean Fireplace
Clean Tables
Dust Chairs
Dust Surfaces
Polish Brass/Silver
Clean Drinks Cabinet
Empty Rubbish
Vacuum Carpet
Wash Floor
Clean Door
Clean Skirting Boards
Wash windows
Wipe window Ledges
Wipe Radiators
Clean Hob
Clean Oven
Clean Cupboards
Clean Microwave
Clean Fridge
Wipe Washing Machine
Wipe Tumble Dryer
Wipe Bin
Wash up
Clean Sink
Vacuum Floor
Wash Floor
Empty Floor
Empty Rubbish

Our Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read Terms and Conditions carefully. It is N&P Cleaning Agency's policy to strictly enforce its Terms of Agreement in the event of any dispute.

1. About this Contract
1.1. Our Terms and Conditions represent a contract. This contract is made between N&P Cleaning Agency and the Client.
1.2. Your agreement to any use of the services provided by N&P Cleaning Agency shall constitute your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
1.3. An introduction of a cleaner shall be deemed to have taken place when N&P Cleaning Agency provides any details to the Client relating to a cleaner. In case the Client is not satisfied with the cleaner provided a request for a different one can be made but not more than 2 times for the term of the contract.
2. The Service
2.1. N&P Cleaning Agency takes all the responsibility for the service provided by the cleaners.
2.2. If the cleaner leaves or the Client is not happy with the standard of service provided by the cleaner, we will endeavour to find a replacement cleaner as soon as possible, normally within 2 working days.
2.3. If the Client wants the cleaners to spend more hours in the premises, this must be confirmed at least 48 hours in advance.
2.4. We will provide a temporary cleaner in the event of sickness or holiday.
2.5. All of our cleaners under-go an induction training course prior to commencing any service with you.
3. The fees
3.1. All invoices are subject to VAT and become payable immediately upon receipt and not later than 28 days. Please note that with the invoice, you will receive a Monthly Cleaning Survey which we ask that you fill out. This allows us to keep a record of your satisfaction with the service.
3.2. No service will be provided until we have received an outstanding payment older than 56 days.
3.3. Any rate increase will be notified to all customers giving at least 30 days notice.
4. Cancellations
4.1. All cancellations/changes should be reported to our office. In case you find it more convenient to report it to our staff it has to be in writing, stating clearly the cancelled/amended dates.
4.2. The Client agrees to pay the 50% price of the cleaning visit if there is cancellation or change in the date/time less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment; in the event of a lock-out caused by our cleaners being turned away; no one home to let them in; or a problem with your keys. If keys are provided they must open the lock without any special efforts or skills.
4.3. Clients must give a minimum of 48 hours notice if they wish to change the day that their property is cleaned.
4.4. Clients must give N&P Cleaning Agency a minimum of 7 days notice if they are going to be away on holidays or business.
4.5. We require a minimum of 14 days written notice for cancellation of the service.
4.6. It is the Client's responsibility to inform the agency if service is required during Bank holidays i.e. Easter.
4.7. No service will be provided on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years day. All date and time change requests regarding the cleaning in the period between Christmas and New Years day should be made up to 15th of December.
5. Amendments
5.1. N&P Cleaning Agency reserves the right to introduce supplementary terms. You will have been deemed to have accepted any amendments if the company does not receive any representations within a period of 30 days from the notification date.
6. Supplementary Terms
6.1. We employ the cleaners, thus at all times the cleaner will be under our supervision and responsibility.
6.2. N&P Cleaning Agency will be responsible for the replacement costs incurred in the unlikely event of the Client's keys being lost.
6.3. N&P Cleaning Agency is responsible for supplying cleaning materials and equipments but if on site ironing is required the Client should provide a fully operational steam iron and ironing board.
6.4. Should the Client want N&P Cleaning Agency to provide an ironing service during the cleaning session, the Client must make N&P Cleaning Agency aware of this at least 24 hours in advance and state whether they want the ironing to take place in their home or in the N&P Cleaning Agency ironing workshop.
6.5. If the Client wishes to have laundry or ironing done outside the allocated time for cleaning, they may ask N&P Cleaning Agency to do this in the ironing workshop. They must phone or e-mail N&P Cleaning Agency to confirm this. Deliveries can be within 24 hours. Please note that this service is priced separately.
6.6. If the Client wishes it, N&P Cleaning Agency can provide them with a set of COSHH sheets regarding the cleaning materials used.
6.7. If the Client wishes for a change in the cleaning products used, they must confirm this at least 48 hours in advance.
6.8. Cleaners will not perform any deep clean or specialized cleaning of any antique, delicate or valuable items.
6.9. The Client must provide N&P Cleaning Agency with emergency telephone numbers and e-mail address. The Client must have shown N&P Cleaning Agency the location of the fuse box and the main stop water clock.
7. Insurance
7.1. N&P Cleaning Agency has public liability insurance which protects Client's home against major accidental damage caused by a cleaner whilst on your property. All claims must be notified within 48 hours of visit.
7.2. The Insurance cover is only valid once we have no outstanding payments for N&P Cleaning Agency monthly fees.
8. Complaints Procedure
8.1. All complaints must be received in writing, emails are acceptable.
8.2. We promise that on receiving a complaint we will respond within 48 hours.
8.3. We promise to have fully investigated the complaint within 14 days of receiving a formal written complaint.
8.4. We promise that if no solution can be found to the complaint raised that we will be happy to take the matter to an independent arbitrator whose decision will be final and binding on both parties.

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